A new theme

My website, this little fucking island in the middle of this vast ocean called the internet, finally looks like I wanted it to look for quite some time. This only took me... well, a couple of years of trial and error.

You see, the problem is, or should I say was, that while some themes on the internet (for either WordPress or Bludit, which I am using now) ticked most and sometimes all of the boxes when it came to things I required from the themes I often quickly found something else I liked, then I tried customizing it (colors, fonts, images - the whole shebang) which was more often than not annoying and difficult to do. This in turn made me lose interest in blogging and maintaining a website.

So F3B, huh?

F3B literally means Fucking Bear-Bones Bludit and it's a minimalist, lightweight theme that was made by me to suit my needs.

While creating it, I actually, for once, thought of things that I wanted and liked instead of blindly fucking following internet trends, which is a terrible idea. Seriously, ask anyone with a head on their shoulders.

Fancy fonts? Bright colors? Sliders? Full-fucking-screen sized images? I dropped all of that for negative space, readability, order and most importantly comfort.

Inspired by such great sources like motherfuckingwebsite, sparanoid and v2bv.net among others, I set sail to modifying a base that I created prior called Bear Minimum into what you see here.

What is F3B?

  • Colors - The only colors on this website are different shades of black and slightly less poisonous blue for the links, same as you'd see on a website with no CSS whatsoever.
  • Typography - I dropped the usage of Google Fonts in favor of using a system font stack.
  • Images - LOL what images? The only images you'll see are those related to the article you're reading.
  • Code - Nothing fancy, really. Semantic HTML 5, some CSS and making Bludit work for me.
  • Readability - Oh you don't want CSS? Add ?textonly to only load HTML, for example

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