Bludit Boilerplate

Bludit Boilerplate. No Bullshit. Build YOUR OWN theme.

This is not a theme (although it can be used as is). This is, however, a starting point for your theme.

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Whats included?

  • Theme boilerplate with pages, tags and categories.
  • 217B (that's bytes) of CSS that you don't have to include. Purely for basic aesthetic reasons.
  • Support for templates. If you set a template in bludit, the theme will try to include inc/{template-name}.php.
  • Support for important posts. All you have to do is implement a custom bool for important in your Custom Fields i.e.
      "important": {
          "type": "bool",
          "label": "Important",
          "tip": "Is this an important article?"


  1. Download BLBP and extract to your bl-themes folder.
  2. Change name and description in en.json to your theme's name.
  3. Make changes and design YOUR theme.


I would much appreciate if you leave credit if you use this boilerplate and find it useful.


If there's anything you feel is broken, incorrect or if you feel like this project can be improved somehow, please open issues and/or pull-requests and I'll be glad to take a look.


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